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1. List of your current medications with dosage.

2. Recent chest X-rays or CT Scan with written report (actual films or CD).

3. Your medical insurance card(s) and photo ID.

4. Insurance referral form (if required by your insurance plane)

5. CPAP/Bipap equipment if you use one

6. Office visit co-pay are due and payable at time of visit.


Please note: We require notice of cancellation at least one full business day prior to your study date to avoid charging you the $150 late notice fee.

For your office visit, please bring the following:

What to expect during overnight sleep testing

You will be given an arrival time that will allow you to be in bed close to your normal bedtime.  When you arrive one of the technicians will greet you and take you to your room.

You will change into your sleeping attire and the technicians will begin attaching the small electrodes to your scalp, chin, chest, leg.  The electrodes are small metal discs approximately the size of a dime and are adhered to your skin and scalp with conductive paste and tape.  The paste will wash out with soap and water, which ruins some hairstyles. Please plan for this when scheduling your study.


Once the electrodes are applied, an elastic belt will be placed around your chest and a small sensing device will be placed on your upper lip below your nostrils.


Wires are attached to the electrodes and connected to a small box on a strap that will be placed next to your pillow during the testing.


Each room is equipped with an intercom so you may talk to the technicians as you need to during the night.  The box is attached via cable to the monitoring equipment and is easily disconnected if you need to use the restroom during the night.


Approximately 7 1/2 hours of monitoring time is required to obtain the data required to diagnose your sleep problem.


Upon waking in the morning, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire and the wires and electrodes will be removed.  A shower is available if you wish to shower before you leave.


The results of your study will be reviewed within 5-7 days.  At the request of your physician, a member of the sleep lab staff may contact you by phone prior to your return visit to discuss your results with you.

Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

Sleep better tonight.

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